Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, new labels

Happy New Year! 
It's officially 2015 and my resolution is to do more of the things that I love while cutting out the things that stress me out or make me unhappy. Lucky for you, I love doing things inspired by Pinterest and I love sharing them with you. :o)

I got home from visiting my brother yesterday and I had the sudden urge to deep clean my kitchen. Weird, I know. I have no idea where it came from but I decided to steer into the skid and go with it.

I've been meaning to label all of the glass jars and mason jars where I store dry goods and pantry items for a very long time and I finally sat down and did it. The best part is that I had all of the supplies around my house so this was a completely free project!

All I needed was a ball of twine and some paint samples that have been sitting around since I painted the kitchen….over a year ago. After cutting a freehand circle from each section on five different blue paint chips strips and hole punching them, I wrote on them and tied them to each container.
These are the mason jars in my pantry that contain everything from bread crumbs to pistachios to cornstarch. I like storing them like this instead of keeping them in the containers they come in because I know they will stay dry and easy to find. I like that the labels are all variations of the color that I ended up painting my kitchen walls!

 These glass jars sit on my counter near the stove for easy access of the dry goods I use most often.

 The new labels make my organization-obsessed self smile :o)

 Love it!

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