Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cheesy Potato Soup

Today I tried THIS recipe for cheesy potato soup that I had pinned on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It seemed so darn easy, and I've never gotten potato soup to meet my standards before so I was curious to see what this recipe would bring.

Well, the recipe definitely was really easy, and it was done in less than an hour (probably helped by the fact that I cut the potato pieces really small). I don't know why I didn't really realize that there wasn't anything in it except potatoes...I wanted carrots and the celery! Next time I make this, I will definitely add some more veggies.

I chopped green onions and had extra cheese to top the soup with, and also made some bacon to crumble. I've used the oven to make bacon in the past but this time I only needed a small amount and didn't want to heat the whole oven up for 4 little slices, so I decided to try using the toaster oven. PERFECT! I'll be making bacon for breakfast like this now :o)
Also, I saw a "life hack" pin a while ago about disposing of grease easily and tried that method as well. All you have to do is line a small bowl with foil, pour the grease into it, and then throw it out once it has hardened. Genius!

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