Monday, April 2, 2012

wash your face with OIL?

I've stumbled across something very interesting that I can't help but want to learn more about. I've struggled with my skin for my entire life and have tried pretty much every type of cleanser, moisturizer, cream, lotion, wash, etc. I've paid a lot or a little and nothing seems to achieve the results I want.
So, when I was browsing through old posts on "One Good Thing By Jillee" (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs!) I discovered a post called "wash your face with oil...I dare you" and it intrigued me. I clicked through all the links that she provided to other resources and read those as well, and then I went to the store to buy my oils. I mean, if I've tried all the "normal" things and nothing has worked, why not try something that seems crazy with the hope of it becoming my solution?!

I decided to try castor oil and sunflower oil, and came away smelling like a fry pit at a greasy fast food chain. I couldn't stand smelling like that so I switched to castor oil and olive oil and i feel much better now that I don't smell like a french fry.
I haven't been consistent in trying this out but I like the process, so today begins my personal 14 day challenge. I want to give this a serious shot and see how it turns out, so look for an update in about two weeks!

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