Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dip Party!

The theme for this year's NYE celebration was dips!
Dips are delicious, simple to prepare, not too filling, and easily eaten over a long period of time. I was in charge of the dessert dips portion of the menu, so I chose to prepare the following:

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
Smore's Dip
Strawberry Fruit Dip
I got this "recipe" from a friend of mine who hosted a party recently and I raved over her fruit dip...turned out all she did was whisk together equal parts strawberry yogurt and cool whip! SO GOOD.

I served the fruit dips with grapes, strawberries, and sliced apples. (Make sure you swish apple slices through a quick bath of lemon juice to keep them from getting brown and yucky looking!)

The smore's dip was paired with graham crackers. I was actually pretty grossed out by this dip...which could be because I don't like marshmallows. The consistency was much more solid than I expected, especially as it cooled down. I wasn't impressed but other people were, so I would say my verdict is that it's very easy to make and tastes good if you like marshmallows.

The strawberry dip disappeared and the PB dip was equally favored but I made more of that one so there were leftovers. yay!

The PB dip was just as good today as it was last night. I foresee keeping a tub of this in the fridge and snacking from it daily...

There were lots of grapes left over so this was my snack today:
I hate it when my fingers become collateral damage when dipping yummy things into other yummy things. More yum to eat I guess, but messy. I could solve that problem by using a toothpick:
Buuuuut that's still too much work while trying to multitask and browse on Pinterest, so I mixed the grapes and the dip together and ate it with a spoon. Might look gross but it tastes the same and gives me the freedom to browse new pins :o)
The NYE dip party was a great success, and so was my snack of leftovers this afternoon :o)

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