Monday, January 16, 2012

Earring Display

Being a jewelry lady is one of my four jobs these days and I wanted to find a way to display earrings in a simple but elegant way. After searching for ideas on Pinterest I found THIS. The pin didn't have a link to a website outside of Pinterest but I took the idea from the picture and figured out my own version.
I started with a $3 picture frame from Walmart. I took out the glass and cut a sheet of black scrapbook paper to fit the opening. Then I hot glued a strip of black rick-rack ribbon to the paper. I put a dot of glue in the middle to give it some strength - I didn't want it to sag if there were heavy earrings on it. Then I glued on the second strip, popped it into the frame, and I was good to go!
Here's a close up of the rick-rack strip with earrings on it.

Side view:
Finished product!
BTW these are not earrings that I sell, they're random ones from my jewelry box :o)

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