Friday, August 24, 2012

Felt Superhero Masks

Another one of my favorite little boys had a birthday this summer, so it was time to make some superhero masks! HERE is the pin where I got my inspiration. I tried to print out her templates a few times from different computers and it didn't work, so I set out making my own instead.
I grabbed a pad of graph paper and made a generic mask shape to start. I made sure the eyes were in the right place and that it was the right size. Then I used that shape as my template to individualize each superhero mask. I only made 5 of the 7 that were shown in the pin. I used regular crafting felt and elastic. I cut out all the pieces, attached the embelishments to the front piece, added the elastic, and then finished it with the back piece so that it looked clean and there were no scratchy seams on the part that touches your face. 

Here are the finished masks:

Iron Man




The Hulk

I'm really happy with how they turned out and hopefully A will spend many hours running around the yard with these masks on having crazy superhero adventures!

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