Friday, August 24, 2012


I am a huge fan of granola, but it is so expensive! The BEST granola I've ever eaten was purchased at our local farmer's market from a boy who makes it with his mother. They have amazing flavors like blueberry cobbler, orange cranberry, and chocolate fudge. I decided that I would try to make my own granola instead of spending $4 every Wednesday at the farmer's market.

Since the orange cranberry was my favorite, I tried to find a similar recipe. HERE is what I decided on.
I've made it twice now, and both times it didn't get crunchy, even though the second time I left it in so long it started burning. It tastes alright when I eat it in a bowl with milk like cereal, but it doesn't even begin to compete with the granola from the farmer's market. I'm going to have to keep trying, or else trick the recipe out of the boy at the market! ;o)

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