Friday, August 24, 2012

To Do List Picture Frames

I have to admit that I am the queen of extremely long To Do lists. I'm great at writing them, but not so great at finishing the items on them! I saw lots of pins on Pinterest about using picture frames and dry erase markers to make cute, reusable To Do lists. I've also seen MANY pins about making felt flowers. I combined the two ideas to make this:

I used scrapbooking stickers to write "To Do" at the top of a piece of loose-leaf paper.

I used a glue gun to hot glue the paper into the back of the frame to make sure it didn't wiggle around. I also hot glued the felt flowers to the front of the frame. 

As you can see, I filled the frame with things to do in no time at all!

I liked the results so much that I decided to make a second frame for my desk at work. 

 This time I used purple cotton fabric to make rosettes by twisting and wrapping the fabric around itself. I hot glued it to a little cardboard circle so that it would stay in place, and then hot glued the whole thing to the frame.

 Finished products, already filled with things for me to do!

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