Friday, August 24, 2012

Girl Scout activities

A friend asked me to use my Pinterest skills to come up with some ideas for her to use at a Girl Scout camp this summer. These are the things I made for her:

Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt - easy to make, especially since I have a laminator that I use for school so I was able to laminate the picture guide that goes on top of the egg carton. I would use this when babysitting or in my classroom as well as in Girl Scouts.

Velcro Sticks - I bought fat popsicle sticks and velcro dots from Walmart and put them together in a few minutes. I can think of so many uses for these, including spelling words or making letters, and using them as building tools in the block area of my classroom.

Balloon Bean Bags - these were not as easy to make as I was expecting. The balloon didn't want to stretch so it took forever to get the beans into it. I started with navy beans but they were too big and a pain to get into the balloon so I switched to lentils for the second one and then used couscous for the third one. I would use these as tactile/sensory tools in my classroom in addition to the obvious uses as a ball.

Felt Fishing Game - I cut two fish shapes from each color of felt, attached a sticky magnet to the middle of one of them, then sewed the two together with the magnet in the middle. I tied yarn around a magnet and attached it to a popsicle stick to make the fishing rod. These can be used for color recognition and sharpening motor skills. If you used puffy paint to write things on the fish it could also be used for recognizing anything from letters or shapes to sight words and names.

Scrap Finger Puppets - I have tons of fabric scraps so I was excited to see this pin! I used the felt scraps from the fishing game to make basic finger puppets, and then added puffy paint details for eyes and a mouth.

Sponge Splash Balls - These were a bit harder to make because I couldn't get the zip-ties to tighten enough. I ended up cutting each sponge length in half again to make smaller balls but it worked much better.

Fruit Matching Game - I love the graphics in this printable! All I did was print them, cut them out, and laminate them so they can be used for a long time.

I haven't had a chance to get feedback from my friend about how these items were received, but hopefully they went over very well!

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